Who we are...

Terri Harriman-Mascis​

Hello, I am one of the proud owners of Lulu & Co. Event Design!!! I am excited that my business partner and I have decided to branch out and create Lulu & Co. Events Design. I am the left sided brain with the ability to organize, attention to detail, and computer skills while, Sara has the eye for design. This allows for events to become a time that will last in memories for years to come. 

My love is coming on the day of the event and pulling all of the client’s ideas together. Whether it is keeping you on schedule, making sure all your guests are happy, all the vendors are in place, the lighting is just right, or having your favorite comfortable shoes waiting for you under your table.

For the DIY’ers who want to plan every detail of their special day, then step back and let us come in and handle your coordination and management of your special day. This allows you to enjoy your day and be a guest at your own wedding. Maybe you know what you want, but don’t have time to plan your special day. Give us the opportunity to integrate your ideas, dreams, and foresight of how you would like your event to evolve so people remember your wedding as that wedding!!

Thank-you for visiting Lulu & Co. Events Design website, I look forward to talking and planning your special event.

Sara Mann

Hi, thanks for visiting our website! I am the other proud owner of Lulu & Co. Event Design and am happy to tell you more about who I am and what we do. I am a self-proclaimed foodie and lover of the “creative cocktail” I believe all parties, whether it be a wedding or a retirement brunch, is an opportunity to wow each guest with your creativity, attention to detail, and above all a memorable experience! A lover of all pretty things, my passion is creating beautiful spaces for people to enjoy life’s milestones.

I have been in the wedding and event industry for almost 20 years. I have been a floral designer, stylist for brides from head to toe, as well as, moms, maids, and even the guys. I also could be known as pretty knowledgeable in the etiquette department….The bottom line is when I am not home playing with one of my 3 kids, or creating a delicious dinner for my husband, complete with an inspired cocktail, I want to be planning your event!!